The Wonder Creator _ Subarna Banerjee And the wonder of life continues! All the magic - like things that we see around in nature and everywhere around us to its tiniest detail seeks a convincing answer to the “how”s ( i wrote a few "how" questions in my last blog on life ). My heart believes that the Creator in HIS/HER every Creation has left things to be discovered, to be known, to be understood. My heart believes that every Creation of the Creator is echoing HIS/HER existence! The source of all the wonder is the Creator! And we can know THE Creator by the path shown by either our own logic or with the light of Faith. And as I decide to end it here, my eyes show me a healthy plant with lush green tiny leaves with several sturdy branches. I have seen this variety of flora before - it grows into a big tree. And here it was all growing from a duct of a villa with no residents living there for years now! The tiny seed of this tree with it’s strong will to live did not need the su…

What is life about?

Life !

- subarna banerjee

I remember some interesting, amusing, philosophical one-liners about life and am sure you have come across them too. “Life is fun!” “Life is a teacher.”
 “ Life is a pain!” “ Life is to learn.” “ Life is a wonder!” “ Life is an art.” “ Life is a war!” “Life sucks man!”  “ Life is to live your dreams!” “ Life is struggle!” “ Life is death!” !!!
Life has intrigued me as far as and as long as I can remember. The people in life, the nature in life, the situations and events in life, deep insight and real life stories shared by people in our lives, the endless variety in life in everything are all a wonder to its tiniest detail.
How does an accident that killed every passenger did not harm one fellow passenger? How do the ants carry 6 times their own body weight? A 5 year old child with advanced skill in music? A caterpillar turning to a butterfly? When most plants thrive on water, soil, air some eat up whole living insects?  How some birds wonder me with the design, …